Everything is shown on the plate with love and passion, or hidden in a fine glass of top Istrian, as well as foreign wines.

First dishes
Istrian cured ham95,00 kn
Istrian beef carpaccio85,00 kn
Istrian beef liver terrine with glazed onion62,00 kn
Caprese salad - burrata, tomatoes and basil64,00 kn
Cream eggs with asparagus in a mousse with truffles65,00 kn
Royal salad72,00 kn
Adriatic Tris - marinated sardines, salted anchovies, anchovies in lemon sauce52,00 kn
Octopus salad82,00 kn
Wild fish carpaccio98,00 kn
Beetroot marinated salmon84,00 kn
Adriatic shellfish
Oysters - 6 pcs120,00 kn
Venus clams - 300g100,00 kn
Queen scallops - 3 pcs75,00 kn
Black mussels - 500g75,00 kn
Mixed clams - 500 g130,00 kn
Fish soup48,00 kn
Scampi and truffles cream soup60,00 kn
Black istrian cuttlefish and broad beans cream soup48,00 kn
Green peas cream soup with crispy bacon42,00 kn
Pasta and risotti
Spaghetti pomodoro - tomato sauce70,00 kn
Tagliolini with seasonal vegetables75,00 kn
Pljukanci with burrata and vegetables85,00 kn
Pljukanci with Istrian beef ragout95,00 kn
Spaghetti vongole98,00 kn
Spaghetti ”di mare” - mixed seafood98,00 kn
Spaghetti ”mare monti” - prawns and mushrooms98,00 kn
Smoked salmon filled black gnocchi with Istrian cuttlefish112,00 kn
Tagliolini with scampi, saffron and pinenuts130,00 kn
Tagliolini with tiny scallops and truffles138,00 kn
White truffle ravioli with lobster192,00 kn
Risotto ”Divino” - scampi and truffles155,00 kn
Black istrian cuttlefish risotto98,00 kn
Pappardelle with black truffles160,00 kn
Meat dishes
Chicken breast on rucola with gorgonzola cream85,00 kn
Pork filet wrapped in bacon with prune sauce105,00 kn
Istrian beef rumpsteak dry aged 30 days220,00 kn
Duck breast ”Cointreau”145,00 kn
Lamb chop in almond crust on lamb's lettuce175,00 kn
Beef fillet with truffles195,00 kn
Sous-vide beef cheek with pear and pinenuts145,00 kn
Beef fillet "Divino" - baked in salt, for 2 pers360,00 kn
Fish dishes
Grilled Adriatic squid95,00 kn
Istrian "brodet" with polenta142,00 kn
Octopus arm in red wine sauce130,00 kn
Salmon fillet with mustard seeds sauce135,00 kn
Turbot fillet with capers and olives sauce160,00 kn
Monkfish medallions and vongole "in cartoccio" - baked in paper165,00 kn
Seabream fillet in broth with scampi and julien vegetables185,00 kn
Seabass fillet “Divino” - stuffed with scampi,  truffle sauce205,00 kn
Octopus "like under the bell" with potatoes - 1 kg320,00 kn
Scampi - grilled 330g185,00 kn
Scampi - busara art or baked in salt 330g195,00 kn
First class Adriatic fish   1 piece205,00 kn
Extra class Adriatic fish   1 kg520,00 kn
Langouste / Lobster - grilled   1 kg690,00 kn
Langouste / Lobster - busara art   1 kg730,00 kn
Side dishes
Potatoes baked / boiled26,00 kn
Vegetables grilled / steamed32,00 kn
Swiss chard and potatoes34,00 kn
Polenta25,00 kn
Mixed salad33,00 kn
For our young gourmands
Spaghetti pomodoro - tomato sauce45,00 kn
Fried chicken55,00 kn
Gnocchi with cheese55,00 kn
Dark chocolate souffle44,00 kn
Merengue with wild berries and vanilla cream48,00 kn
White chocolate mousse aromatized with Baileys44,00 kn
Sorbet38,00 kn
Cantuccini35,00 kn
Chef's dessert66,00 kn
Cover charge - bread, olive oil...24,00 kn